As part of the launch of the Center for High Performance Computing at IISER Thiruvananthapuram, the first international workshop on “HPC in Science and Engineering” will be organized virtually from 16-17 August 2021. This workshop aims to bring the computational and life sciences research communities together to share knowledge on the HPC technologies, examine current challenges, and discuss future opportunities for shaping the future of HPC applications in science and engineering.

High-performance computing is becoming increasingly important in all scientific disciplines.

HPC is critical for the success of precision medicine, accurate weather prediction simulations, and computational fluid dynamics. The growth of artificial intelligence, the dramatic increase in the volume of research and clinical data available through sequencing and advanced imaging techniques; the discovery of new chemicals and materials; quantum computing; developments in the fields of data analytics and machine learning; and research data from automated platforms all demand the use and innovations in the applications of high-performance computing.

The workshop will consist of six keynote presentations from renowned speakers around the globe that cover several of the above mentioned applications of HPC. A hands-on session of HPC is organized on 17 August by Industry experts.

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