16th August 2021 (Indian Standard Time)

15:15 — 15:20Opening
15:20 — 15:30Inaugural speech by Prof. J. N. Moorthy (Director, IISER TVM)
15:30 — 16:15David Keyes (KAUST & Columbia University, USA)
Title: Scalable Solvers for CSE: Universals and Innovations
Chair: Nagaiah Chamakuri
16:20 — 17:05Peter Bastian (Uni Heidelberg, Germany)
Title: Trends in High-performance Finite Element Simulations
Chair: Nagaiah Chamakuri
17:10 — 17:30Tea break
17:30 — 18:15Edoardo Di Napoli (J├╝lich Supercomputing Centre, Germany )
Title: Chasing the hardware evolution: Goals, challenges and perspectives in high-performance and parallel computing.
Chair: Anil Shaji
18:20 — 19:05Bertrand Llorente (CNRS, France)
Title: Meiotic recombination in budding yeast and the importance of bioinformatics
Chair: Nishant K T
19:10 — 19:30Tea break
19:30 — 20:15Heather J. Kulik (MIT, USA)
Title: What can machine learning do to accelerate the design of catalysts and materials?
Chair: Swathi R S
20:20 — 21:05Martin Head-Gordon (Uni California, USA)
Title: Recent developments in density functional theory: From new functionals to the nature of the chemical bond
Chair: Swathi R S

17th August 2021

09.30 — 12:30 Hands-on session – Organized by HPE and NVIDIA

Introduction to the GPU programming will be provided during the hands-on session.

Download the program.